Liberty Hearing SIE 64 Behind-the-ear style, Brown

by Liberty Hearing Aids |
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Model # HLT-AHIHP312-BR |

About this item

  • Smart Noise Suppression Technology
  • Intelligent Feedback Control
  • Nano Technology
  • Advanced Power Management

Note: Tube sold separately.  Size of tube based on the results of your hearing test.

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The SIE 64 channel hearing aids is our most popular speaker-in-the-ear design. It offers smart noise suppression technology such as sudden impulse noise suppression. This feature is all about comfort. Sudden loud sounds, or impulses, are often so short in duration that amplification systems can’t respond quickly enough to control their loudness. This engages quickly, detects and suppresses sudden loud sounds such as door slams and clattering dishes while maintaining natural sound. Low-level noise suppression provides for improved comfort in quiet environments. Noises such as air conditioning, refrigerator motors or internal microphone noise are all reduced by this system. This helps keep quiet situations quiet. Environmental noise suppression detects non-speech like noises and reduces their level. This powerful new feature makes it easier for the user to focus in noisy environments, especially when they’re trying to perform multiple tasks. For example driving in a car or noisy restaurants. Wind noise reduction detects wind noise and suppresses it, particularly in the lower frequencies where it tends to be loudest. The result is less distraction and noise in outdoor listening situations.

Speaker-In-The-Ear (SIE) hearing aids historically have been susceptible to feedback. Intelligent feedback control is the solution to this design challenge. The intelligent feedback control offers dynamic feedback canceller. It employs a patented technique that adapts continuously to changing circumstances while maintaining excellent sound quality. Unwanted feedback is suppressed and stopped without sacrificing sound quality or gain. Adapting to changing situations such as sitting next to a window in a car. Fast acting feedback suppression reacts quickly to dramatic changes in situations which may cause unwanted feedback such as putting on a hat, a hug, any situation in which a physical object may come in close proximity to the hearing aid. Power On 2 second delay allows the user time to get the hearing aid situated in the ear avoiding any unwanted feedback while inserting the device.

The SIE 64 features volume management with Insitu loudness balancing. A proprietary fitting protocol that combines individual hearing test results, unique ear canal acoustics, and loudness preference to provide truly customized user settings. Hearing aids are adjusted right the first time by including the member in the process, reducing adjustment time while providing the user with the optimal fitting experience.  Learning volume control - After the initial fitting the user will acclimate to their new hearing aids and adjust the volume levels to match their preference. The hearing aids monitor these volume changes over time and learn what the user’s preferred setting is. Over time the user will find that the hearing aids always starts up at their preferred levels, though they can still adjust it up and down as required in specific situations.

Consumers have come to expect intuitive user friendly prompts from their smart devices. SIE 64 audible prompts exceed expectations.  Enhanced Tone Prompts is a series of chimes replaces the simple singular tone prompts.  Such as Low battery indicating signal, alerts user to change batteries prior to complete battery drain. When you are using a hearing aid for the first time it can be hard to remember everything. Voice prompts takes the guesswork out of knowing what program the hearing aid is in. For example: “Everyday Setting”, “Telephone Setting” or “Noise Setting”.

Other voice prompts can tell you when your battery is getting low and needs replacing. Over time the user may prefer to have simple tones in place of these voice prompts. A quick visit to the hearing aid center and you can switch off the voice prompts and revert back to simple tones.

Moisture from high humidity, perspiration and earwax are by far the leading cause of hearing aid service issues. Water repelling Nano Technology  coating is the answer to this challenge, providing improved reliability and user confidence. Aridion™ Nano technology coats every aspect of the hearing aid at a nanoscopic level and protects much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. The result is a truly durable and invisible liquid repellent coating (inside and out) that substantially reduces returns and improves overall member satisfaction.  Our revolutionary Nano-coating does not affect working components, maintaining the look, feel and functionality of  the device.

With advanced power management, the SIE 64 employs the latest DSP hardware platform to provide greater processing power and increased battery life. 35% Improved Battery Life is a huge improvement in energy efficiency saving the user time & money.

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