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  • Enriched hot dog buns
  • Food-service ready
  • Consistent texture
  • Foot-long available
  • Low sodium
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Grilling hot dogs is a summertime tradition. Once you fire up the grill with your favorite frankfurter, you'll want to choose the best bun to accommodate your dog without it breaking apart and going limp. Baker's Touch™ Hot Dog Rolls (16 ct) offer you a substantial bun with a smooth texture to enhance your grilling experience.

Are the Baker's Touch Hot Dog Buns Pre-Cut?

When it comes to serving hot dog buns, it is easier if they are already cut and ready for you to enjoy. That is why Baker's Touch makes sure all their breads are pre-sliced for your convenience.

Are These Hot Dog Rolls Made with Enriched Flour?

Yes, Baker's Touch Hot Dog Rolls are made with enriched flour. These rolls can accommodate hot dogs with all the trimmings, such as condiments, relish and onions. You can also open them up and toast them on the grill to give your meal a crispier texture.

What Is the Nutritional Value of Baker's Touch Hot Dog Rolls?

Each hot dog bun is a single serving size. There are 110 calories per serving with 4% your daily value of calcium baked right in. You get 21 grams of carbohydrates with only 2 grams of sugar. These enriched rolls give you 3 grams of protein and 6% of your daily value of iron.

Are These Bulk Hot Dog Buns Good for Food Service?

While most host dog bun manufacturers serve their rolls in packages of eight, Baker's Touch offers theirs in larger packages. Food service industry workers will enjoy the double quantity of hot dog rolls in each bag, as they get more servings out of every box. These packages are also suitable for family gatherings where you need extra buns to serve a large group of people.

What Is the Length of These Hot Dog Buns?

This package is of traditional-length hot dog buns. These buns would not be appropriate for consumers who purchase footlong hot dogs or sausages.

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