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  • Beautiful bunch of white, crisp Baby's Breath flower
  • 6 bunches of 10 stems each
  • Each stem is approximately 20 inches long
  • Imported from Ecuador

Orders can be placed 30 days in advance prior to event day. Suggested delivery to be 2 days prior before event. 

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Recommended delivery date is 2 days before your event.
For Sat., Sun. or Mon. events, select Thurs. delivery.

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Gysophila, Million Star (6 bunches) is a beautiful, elegant addition to any mixed floral arrangement or even on its own.  These crisp white Baby's Breath plants light up any room or event with a little something extra.  

What Does the Gysophila, Million Star Contain?

This Baby's Breath bulk flower package contains six bunches of 10 stems each for a total of 60 stems total.  Each stem is approximately 50 centimeters or 20 inches in length.  Although available year round, Baby's Breath cost and shipping are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and/or other market conditions.

When Should Your Gysophila, Million Star Order Be Placed?

It is suggested that you place your order between seven and 30 days in advance so that your order can arrive 2 days before any set event.  If you are ordering for an event falling on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, arrange for your Gysophila order to arrive Thursday.  Just follow the re-hydration steps outlined below, and your Baby's Breath bouquets will be fresh and beautiful on the day of your event.

What Are the Care and Re-Hydration Techniques Necessary to Preserve Appearance?

To keep your Baby's Breath looking fabulous, make sure to immediately follow these hydration steps after receiving your package.  First, unpack flowers.  Then, fill a clean container or vase with fresh, cool water and add flower food (included with your purchase).  With scissors or a knife, trim one-half inch from the bottom of each Baby's Breath stem.  If any of the flowers' foliage will fall below the waterline of the container, trim such foliage off as well.  Then, add Baby's Breath to vase or container and store in a cool location, away from direct sunlight.  To keep up appearance for the coming weeks, continue to replace water and re-cut stems every three days.

For a crisp, beautiful arrangement at a wedding, event or around the house for the holidays, Baby's Breath flowers deliver a classy and clean decor that can be mixed and matched however you choose.

Please read Order Cancellation, Warranty and Important Delivery Information policies.

Delivery dates and prices fluctuate with seasonal availability and demand. 

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