Apache Mills anti-fatigue matting offers comfort and drainage as it elevates workers off the floor for greater safety in wet areas. It has beveled edges for easy transition from mat to floor.

Why we love this…

This rugged rubber slip guard is designed with special nibs that elevate the surface to provide easy drainage thru the holes.

Why Use the Grease-Resistant WorkStep™?

The Grease-resistant WorkStep™ Mat is not only an anti-fatigue mat but is oil-resistant. The mat also has anti-slip traction making it secure to your floors.

Where Can I use the General Purpose WorkStep™ Mat?

Made for wet areas that may have exposure to grease or oils, this rubber floor mat is ideal for a variety of commercial spaces. It can be used in kitchens of restaurants, hotels and hospitals. This grease-resistant floor mat is also great to place in food processing facilities, bars and industrial workstations. It prevents slipping and can even be utilized in home garages.

Is the Grease-Resistant Workstep Mat Simple to Clean?

This rubber floor mat can be cleaned in minutes. Just wash it off daily with an all-purpose detergent and then rinse it with warm water. The use of high-pressure washers, chloride compounds and bleach aren’t recommended. This grease-proof mat can also be placed outside, but not in direct sunlight.

Anti-Fatigue Qualities

With anti-fatigue qualities, this rubber floor mat is designed to reduce the tiredness from standing in one position for a long time on hard floor surfaces. It eases the stress and pressure on the feet, the back, the legs and the joints. This grease-proof mat provides comfort to employees by absorbing shock when walked on.

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