With the durable Backyard Discovery Grand Escape Swing Set, your child will have the perfect spot to run, play and in general, act like a kid! This thoughtful wooden swing set includes many incredible design details that will make it a prized possession in any backyard or public space.

What are the Best Features of This Playset?


Made from 100% two-toned cedar wood, this backyard playset does a lot more than just look incredible. Some of its key features include:

  • A triple-position swing beam with one web swing and two belt swings
  • Upper and lower-level dual play clubhouses
  • A 6.5-foot crow’s nest tower for scouting out all the fun
  • Monkey bars
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Sandbox
  • Metal climbing tree
  • Snack bar with bench
  • Picnic table with bench
  • Easy-climb wooden step ladder
  • 10-foot wave speedy slide

And so much more! You can also choose to have the playset installed or do it yourself, depending on your needs and capabilities.


Who Needs a Kids' Outdoor Playset?


There are so many great spots for setting up the incredible Backyard Discovery Grand Escape Swing Set! It’s perfect in the backyard of any family’s home, particularly those with lots of space. You’ll always know that your kids have a safe and interactive place to play outdoors, while your home becomes the hit of the neighborhood.

Large outdoor swing sets are also perfect for any elementary school yard. Maybe your school or daycare center already has a backyard swing set, but it’s past its prime? Why not invest in a new one that will thrill kids for many years to come! It’s wooden construction resists weathering and will add value to your property. Be the school that offers children a haven to play and get fresh air!

Public spaces, such as parks, churchyards and government buildings, are also ideal spots to setup intricate and beautiful kids’ outdoor playsets. The right public space can easily hold this massive backyard playset and will attract kids and their parents looking for a place to play after dinner, on the weekends and other free moments. Kids are often dragged along with their parents to many different types of public buildings, where they’re stuck enduring boring adult business for what seems like forever to them. Help kids run free and get their heart’s racing after they accompany their parents to their appointments and be the hero of the neighborhood.


Why Purchase a Backyard Playset?


As soon as children see this immense and thrilling playset, they’ll bolt right for it! Kids need to be given the time and safe places to stretch their legs and be kids. It encourages them to be physically active, which every parent wants for their child and they’ll get some fresh air and much-needed time away from screens and the indoors. It’s important for children to have means to develop their hand-eye coordination, which this playset allows for, as well as develop their social skills. With groups of kids playing on the same outdoor swing sets, it’s only a matter of time until games are created and lasting friendships are started.

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