Goya® Canilla® Extra Long Grain Rice is a delicious and amazingly versatile food that pairs well with nearly all of your favorite dishes.

Why Should You Eat More Canilla Long Grain Rice?

Rice is inexpensive, healthful, delicious, satisfying and, of course, versatile. White rice pairs well with any type of cuisine, nearly any recipe, at any time of the day. Once you discover all of the possibilities that white rice offers, you'll be eating it every day. That's why it's so important to choose high-quality rice, like Goya Canilla Extra Long Grain Rice. Goya has been supplying the world with rice since the company was founded over 80 years ago, so you can trust their experience and the quality of all of their products.

Is Goya Canilla Extra Long Grain Rice Good for You?

A delicious rice dish is a great way to keep your energy levels high before or after a workout. Canilla Long Grain Rice contains no fats, no cholesterol, no sodium and no gluten, and it is high in amino acids and folate.

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