Google Nest Indoor Camera + Google Nest Mini (Charcoal)

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    Google Nest Indoor Camera

    • Designed to help you look after your home and family
    • 24/7 live streaming
    • Includes versatile magnetic stand
    • Sends person alerts with Nest Aware 

    Google Nest Mini

    • Meet the 2nd generation Nest Mini, the speaker you control with your voice
    • Just say "Hey Google" to play songs from Spotify, YouTube Music, and more
    • Music sounds bigger and richer
    • Ask your Google Assistant about the weather, news, or almost anything
    • Hear your personalized schedule, commute, and reminders
    • Set timers and alarms and control your compatible smart devices

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    Google Nest Indoor Camera

    How Does the Nest Cam Work?

    Your security camera shouldn't sleep on the job. Nest Cam Indoor plugs into power so you never worry about dead batteries.

    Does the Nest Cam Record Everything?

    Some cameras can’t stay on all the time because they rely on batteries, so they only start recording when they sense motion. But if they miss something, you do, too. With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Cam continuously records 24/7. And saves up to 30 days of footage securely in the cloud. So you never miss a thing.

    Does the Nest Cam Send Alerts?

    You can’t always be watching your video feed. Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for conspicuous sounds, like a boom or the crash of a window breaking. If Nest Cam thinks something’s up, it’ll send a phone alert or an email with a key image from the event. And if you miss an alert, you can see photos of activity from the last three hours for free in the Nest app.

    Can the Nest Cam Tell the Difference Between Humans and Pets?

    Get alerts that matter. When you subscribe to Nest Aware, advanced cloud algorithms pick out the activity you care about.

    • Person alerts. Get a special alert when Nest Cam Indoor sees a human. Like if a person walks into the room, or if someone’s head appears in frame.
    • Activity Zones. Get alerts when something happens in important areas, like the safe or the cookie jar.

    Does the Nest App Store Recent Activity?

    If you miss an alert, you can always see activity from the last three hours in the Nest app. So if something happened, you’ll know when the event started and ended and see a key photo from the event.

    Does the Nest Cam Have 2-Way Audio?

    Nest Cam Indoor has a built-in speaker and mic, so you can hear what’s happening at home. Or tell the dog to get off the couch.

    Is the Nest Cam Easy to Install?

    Nest Cam takes only a few minutes to install. Literally. Just plug it in and set it up from your phone. Nest Cam Indoor’s stand works in all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces.

    Does the Nest Cam Have Night Vision?

    Yes, you can keep an eye around the clock. With Night Vision, you can see in the dark.

    Does the Nest Cam Have Streaming Capabilities?

    Yes. You can securely stream 1080p HD video to your phone, tablet or laptop.

    Does the Nest Cam Have Pan and Zoom?

    Yes. You can see the whole room at once, or zoom in to see something up close with Nest Cam's 8x digital zoom.

    Is the Nest Cam Encrypted?

    Your home and video recordings should be private. So Nest Cam uses security with 128-bit SSL encryption.


    Google Nest Mini

    Want to ask Google what the score was of the big game last night without getting off the couch? You can easily do that with the Google Nest Mini, 2nd Generation. This little gadget is a genius piece of technology that doesn't take any space and can make your life so much more convenient. It works through Wi-Fi connectivity and with Google Nest compatible devices to bring automation into your home.

    What Does Google Nest Mini Do?

    This is a mini version of the original Google Home Assistant. Once you've gotten it out of the box and all connected, your Google Nest Mini will recognize your voice when you ask it questions like, "Google, what will the weather do today?", and quickly give you an answer. It can also turn things on and off in your home for you if you have any home compatible devices. Some devices in your home can be converted to work as Google home devices with Smart Wi-Fi plugs. Lights and other electric appliances can be plugged into the Smart Wi-Fi plugs so that you can control them with your Google Nest Mini. You can also use it as a Google home speaker and play any music you want just by asking the Google Nest Mini to do so.

    What Does the Google Nest Mini Look Like?

    This device is a small disc-looking gadget that can be placed pretty much anywhere and fit into any kind of decor. It comes in various different colors also so you can choose what you like the best.

    Can Google Nest Mini Recognize More Than One Voice?

    Yes, absolutely. Google Nest Mini can recognize up to six different voices. So you, and all of your family members can talk to the Google home assistant and request whatever you need without issue.

    Get a Lot for Very Little!

    As far as Google home deals go, this little gadget is the best one running. You get basically all of the same benefits of the full-size Google home assistant, but for a fraction of the cost. This Google device helps you manage your daily life without draining your wallet.

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