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  • Lemon-lime flavor
  • Includes electrolytes to keep you going
  • Each Gatorade sports drink contains carbohydrates
  • Most popular drink in professional competition
  • Best served chilled
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Athletes do not have time to be tired. Running up and down stairs all day doesn't make it easier to sit down later when your lower body is sore and all you want to do is lie down. Recovering from workouts is what keeps you in the game, and it's important that you have a drink to provide you with the right balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates. With this case of Gatorade® Lemon-Lime, you can have one to yourself and share with the rest with teammates. It tastes even better chilled, so better to come prepared with an ice-filled cooler.

How Is Gatorade Lemon-Lime Beneficial for Active Athletes?

Each 32 oz. Gatorade bottle is unlike those other carbonated beverages inside of the walking cooler of your grocery store. Other drinks are full of sugars and calories, without little to no electrolytes. Mixed with caffeine, consuming anything other than a Gatorade sports bottle might lead to a sugar or caffeine crash. Instead, these Gatorade sports drinks keep you moving. There's a reason why each Gatorade thirst quencher drink is preferred by professional athletes.

Why are the Electrolytes in Gatorade Lemon-Lime Important?

Lemon-Lime Gatorade includes electrolytes that are important in keeping you active. When you work out, your muscles adapt to the added pressure to your bones and the rest of your frame by creating micro-tears. This results in lactic acid buildup, lots of pain and temporarily limited range-of-motion. While it might be acceptable to wake-up sore the next day, you don't want to during a competitive basketball, football or soccer match. Electrolytes work by keeping nutrients circulating throughout your body, allowing you to continue playing to the best of your ability.

Is Lemon-Lime Gatorade Considered an Energy Drink?

Although it sounds like it's an energy drink, it's not. There's a lineup of Gatorade Energy Drinks that avoid all the bad stuff those other brands include. This is a Gatorade sports drink, and the most popular in athletic competitions all over the world.

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