Baked fresh in-club daily, Member's Mark™ French Bread is perfect for everything, as a side to a delicious lasagna or hot deli sandwiches. Pick up a convenient two-pack for your next family dinner, or stock up for your restaurant, café, sandwich shop, hotel or catering business.

Can Member's Mark French Bread Add Variety to a Meal?

Start the morning on the right foot with freshly baked bread dunked in egg and milk with a dash of cinnamon for a breakfast or brunch that will be a crowd pleaser. Add a sprinkle of orange zest and vanilla extract for a next-level meal. Using a casserole dish, layer French toast and make an indulgent one-pan dish that can easily warm up in the oven. Slather a thick slice with fresh avocado and a chunk of tomato with fresh black pepper for a tasty and portable snack.

Is Member's Mark French Bread Full of Flavor?

There are many unexpected uses for a bread that is crunchy and chewy. Top homemade macaroni and cheese with breadcrumbs and a sprinkle of cheese for a broiled crispy top, sealing in the creaminess underneath. Impress dinner guests with kale strata made fluffy with locally sourced eggs and of course, no one can forget garlic bread. Whip up a loaf of buttery and soft garlic toast, which pairs well with any pasta during your next dinner party.

Get Creative with A Loaf of Member's Mark French Bread

Use Member's Mark French bread in a variety of recipes. Make a hearty meatloaf with breadcrumbs for extra thickness or create a homemade stuffing that will please everyone at the table. Make decadent fish fried in fresh breadcrumbs. With a steamed vegetable and a lemon wedge on the side, dinner is healthy and indulgent. Take savory bread puddings to new heights using simple ingredients and a loaf of French bread or go the sweet route and make a dessert that is decadent and satisfies every dessert craving. Delight in chewy textures during your next meal with Member's Mark French Bread.

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