Experience the HD FPV Real Time Live Video Feed Drone Headset for use with all WonderTech FPV Drones, W400R, W301R, W304R. Vents prevent overheating and allow you to keep your cool during flight. Quickly connect while in flight and view the live video feed via the drone's own wifi network on your Android or IOS compatible phone. Insert your smartphone into the headset to view the live video feed.  

Builtin Pupil Distance and Focal Distance Adjustments let you fine tune for a perfect fit, as well as adjust for nearsighted or farsighted. A built in adjustment means this headset can be worn with or without glasses for in-focus viewing. Built in comfort-fit padding cushions the headset against your face for added comfort during an extended flight.

This product uses high strength components and is equipped with a full range multi-dimensional uniform comfort fit design. An adjustable head strap keeps the headset securely in place. With the built-in universal audio jack portal you can connect your headphones to listen to music on your mobile device while in flight. The high tech futuristic design is sure to impress, and with the comfort fit headstrap, you can enjoy uninterrupted flying for hours. Feel what it's like to experience unparalleled acceleration, learn to fly intuitively, test your skills and build proficiency and crank up the speed to push drone flying to the limits!

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