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Whether you use the First Alert 3035DF safe to protect emergency cash, high-end electronics, or the deed to your house, you'll be able to rest easier at night and while you're away, knowing that an opportunistic thief won't have easy access to important or expensive possessions. Constructed of insulated double-wall steel, the First Alert 3035DF safe is crafted to provide dependable security.
Featuring a digital lock with emergency override key, the First Alert 3035DF safe is simple to set up and operate. Once you install the four included "AA" batteries, you'll be able to program the safe to open using any three-to-five-digit passcode that you want. .
The safe is designed to lock-out the keypad if the wrong passcode is entered multiple times. A single override key that will open the safe without use of the passcode is also included, and use of this key is not affected by lock-out, so you're ensured access to your valuables even if you forget your code or the batteries in the keypad run out. .
The safe measures 4.38 by 11.75 by 8.94 inches (HxWxD) inside to deliver a capacity of .27 cubic feet and store small laptops or tablets up to 12”. It measures 5.38 by 12.75 by 10.38 inches outside and weighs 7.5 pounds.

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