The Essentials™ by OFM ESS-3086 High-Back Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair, Choose a Color allows you to enjoy comfort at your work station all day as well as getting the most of even the most intense gaming activities.

Are Any Features of the Essentials by OFM ESS-3086 High-Back Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair Adjustable?

Yes, this PC gaming chair and office chair has a long list of adjustable settings and features. You can adjust the height of the seat in one fluid movement. It includes a center-tilt and tilt-tension control and it also swivels in a 360-degree movement. The armrests swing up easily to allow the most movement, which is another reason this is the best gaming chair.

What Sort of Padding is Provided on the Essentials by OFM ESS-3086 High-Back Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair?

This chair uses the innovative SofThread™ Leather that is composed of a unique blend of recycled leather and premium bonding materials to give this computer gaming chair a comfortable and stylish look. The contrasting colors make this an ultra-modern design and whether you want the best computer chair or a trendy computer gaming chair, the Essentials by OFM ESS 3086 will not disappoint where esthetics and comfort are concerned.

How Much Weight Does This Gaming Chair Support?

It can easily accommodate users of up to 250 pounds.

Is This an Ergonomically Designed Seat?

Yes, it uses a race-car style that offers support precisely where it is needed whether that is for working in the home office, during online gaming or in a traditional business setting. The padding is specially designed with segmenting to ensure full support at all times. Its overall design meets or exceeds the industry’s safety and durability standards.

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