This Crank Base Camp radio allows you to recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime away from a power source. It uses five different types of power (4 standard “AA” batteries, rechargeable battery pack, dynamo crank, AC adapter, or DC adapter). Has 22 clear crisp communication with easy button access, it also has HI/LO power settings that lets you adjust transmit power and conserve battery life. The base camp radio has the NOAA weather alert that automatically alerts for severe weather/hazard information 24/7. You have the options of 121 privacy codes to help you block other conversations. It has a flashlight, operates on silent mode, has auto squelch, is water resistant and has a USB connector so most cell phones can be recharged. Other features are AM/FM radio, alarm clock with snooze, monitor, and dual watch. This radio comes equipped with a shoulder strap.

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