Enfamil Premium™ Gentlease® Infant Formula Powder (20.9 oz., 2 pk.) is formulated with all the macro and micro nutrients necessary for the healthy development of newborns up until they reach 12 months of age, and it's recommended by pediatricians twice as often as other leading brands. Enfamil newborn powder contains an exclusive Triple Health Guard® formula that helps with brain and eye development, growth, and immune health. With a protein blend that is easier on the stomach, Enfamil Premium Gentlease Infant Formula Powder is specifically designed to soothe discomfort and crying from gas within 24 hours.

    How Does Enfamil Infant Powder Stack-Up to Breast Milk?

    Since the 'gold standard' for infant formula is breast milk, Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Powder recreates the nutrition found in breast milk by incorporating inositol, which is believed to be an important building block for baby's growing brain. Enfamil Premium Gentlease Infant Formula Powder is the first and only instant formula that contains inositol and DHA in the levels found in breast milk.

    What Is Enfamil Newborn Formula's Triple Health Guard Blend?

    Enfamil newborn formula contains Triple Health Guard, a mixture of 30 nutrients, including twice the amount of DHA as other leading brands, and prebiotics for immune health. Enfamil newborn ready-to-use formula powder's important blend of DHA and ARA helps with cognitive development in children up to 5 years of age.

    How Does Enfamil Premium Gentlease Infant Formula Powder Work to Ease Gas Discomfort?

    A little gas and discomfort are expected with infants, and it means that their digestive system is growing and maturing. But, just like in adults, some infants have more sensitive tummies, so they need a gentler, easier-to-digest formula. Enfamil Gentlease formula contains a protein blend that is already partially broken-down, so it's easier for baby's tummy to digest. An easier digestion process produces less gas, which eases discomfort and crying within 24 hours.

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