Looking for the best super glue on the market? Try Elmer's® Original Formula Krazy Glue®. The adhesive forms a strong bond and helps repair broken objects the first time. It is ideal for everyday household repairs.

    What Materials Can I Use Krazy Glue On?

    Krazy Glue will work on almost any surface. This adhesive bonds to metal, rubber, ceramic and more. It is one of the strongest super-glue options for plastic options on the market. When used properly, the best super glue repairs cracks and breaks instantly.

    How Much Elmer's Original Formula Krazy Glue Do You Need to Secure Your Items?

    It doesn’t take very much crazy glue to fix your objects. A single drop goes a long way. For best results, you only need a small amount on each piece. It dries clear and makes repairs a breeze.

    How Large Is the Krazy Glue Bottle?

    This packet contains a .07-ounce tube of Krazy Glue. It comes in a storage package with a handy base to keep the glue from getting lost. It has an airtight, leakproof lid which prevents it from drying out.

    Where to Buy Crazy Glue?

    When you’re looking to buy super glue for plastic, you can find Krazy Glue it at your local Sam’s Club. You can also order it online. When ordering online, you may be required to make a minimum purchase.

    How to Remove the Strongest Super Glue from Skin?

    You should do your best not to get Krazy Glue on your skin as it will adhere and cause your skin to stick to objects. Should super glue encounter your skin, soak the area in an acetone-based nail polish remover or warm soapy water. Allow to soak for several minutes and then carefully peel or roll the skin apart. Do not pull.

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