Heavy-duty steel construction provides you a place to store unwanted clutter in your home and garage. Edsal Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving is a single standing unit with five shelves for you to stack everything from seasonal decor to household cleaning items. Have a stash of home supplies that don’t fit in your current storage? Place them on this trusty Edsal shelving unit, which is durable enough to stay in the garage but modern enough to have a place in your house. Edsal steel shelving features adjustable shelving and can be customized to your needs.

Some (Easy) Assembly Required

The Edsal Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving does require assembly, but you will only need a hammer. There are no nuts or bolts to worry about. In a few quick minutes, you’ll have your shelves hammered into place and your Edsal shelving will be ready for storage.

How Do You Care for Edsal Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving?

The black enamel construction requires little care over its lifespan. To keep your heavy-duty shelving clean, you only need a soft cloth and warm water. Use the damp cloth to clean up heavy debris and dirt or keep it dry to clean up thin layers of dust.

How Much Can the Steel Shelving Unit Hold?

Each of the shelves on the Edsal unit is weighted to hold approximately 800 lbs. The entire unit can withstand weights of up to 4,000 lbs. Weight should be distributed top to bottom from low to high. Having higher weights on the top shelf can cause the unit to tip over.

Keeping Your Life Organized with Edsal

Five shelves help you prevent clutter from forming around your house. If it doesn’t have a home, store it on the Edsal Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving unit. The shelving is great for storing tools, household supplies, seasonal decorations and the random objects that don’t have a set place inside your house. Keep the shelving in the garage or accent a room with the modern look of the black enamel.

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