Edge® Advanced Shave Gel (9.5 oz., 3 pk.) aloe and lubricating molecules to enhance razor glide and give you a smooth shave, so you can focus on life's important little things.

Why Should You Use Edge Advanced Shave Gel?

For men and women alike, shaving over time can cause a lot of irritation and result in razor bumps and discomfort. A product like Edge Advanced Shave Gel can help reduce these issues. Give your skin a little TLC. Edge Advanced Shave Gel contains soothing aloe that helps to prevent pesky nicks, cuts and irritation. It also keeps you looking at the top of your game. This product contains aloe and is formulated to be non-irritating and soothing. This makes the process of shaving much more comfortable and soothing. A blend of moisturizers and lubricants helps to provide excellent razor glide, which minimizes the amount of blade to face contact. This results in less dermal irritation and disruption. Cooling conditioners leave your face feeling refreshed afterward.

How Do You Use Edge Advanced Shave Gel?

No matter how frequently you shave, taking appropriate measures to protect your skin is very important. It is easy to apply and use Edge Advanced Shave Gel. All you have to do is apply warm water to the skin. Gently massage gel over skin in order to lather and shave. Rinse off the area with cool water. If you are looking for the most comfortable shave, shave immediately after showering or washing your face. Your pores are open and a closer shave can be accomplished.

Reasons to Be Cautious

The container may explode if heated. The contents are under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not store in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit because the container may burst. Avoid extremely cold temperatures. Do not immerse completely in water. Resist prolonged exposure to water. Discard can if rusting occurs. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.

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