Enjoy more free time and less vacuuming with the Ecovacs Deebot 610, the multi-surface robotic vacuum that conquers your everyday vacuuming and mopping. Combining comprehensive cleaning with innovative technology, this smart vacuum delivers a more thorough clean to all floor types.

One Machine to Mop and Vacuum Your Home

The vacuum-and-mop combo sets this robot vacuum apart from the others. Specialized water pumps, sensors and mopping pad intelligently determine when to switch to mopping mode. The 300 mL water reservoir is electronically controlled by the Deebot to pump water and dampen the microfiber cloth to the right amount for a guaranteed deep clean.

Customizable Cleaning Tackles All Kinds of Messes

With a V-shaped main brush and interchangeable suction inlet, the Deebot robot vacuum simultaneously sweeps, lifts and vacuums dirt, hair and debris from your floors. Need an intensive spot clean? Or how about the edges of the room? With a suite of cleaning modes, you can always choose the right option for any mess from Auto Mode, Edge Mode, Spot Cleaning and Max Mode.

Control from Your Phone, Alexa or Google Home

The free Ecovacs APP lets you schedule a cleaning from anywhere, at any time. The Deebot 610 seamlessly syncs up with your Smart home too – direct your Deebot with voice commands using either Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Heads "Home" After a Hard Day's Work

Designed to need as little hands-on contact from you as possible, this smart vacuum knows to go back to its charging base when the battery is low. Smart Cleaning Path technology navigates the Deebot 610 in a systematic, back-and-forth cleaning course on hard floors and carpet to efficiently cover larger areas. The bot's anti-collision sensors keep the vacuum on-track, helping it to avoid furniture and falls down stairs.

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