Keep your home clean and be good to the environment with the EarthSense® 33 gallon Recycled Trash Bags (80 ct.). These state-of-the-art, heavy-duty garbage bags are perfect for household trash or for use in the yard.

What Are the Features of the EarthSense 33 Gal. Recycled Trash Bags?

These heavy-duty trash bags have a flat bottom which can hold up to 30% more content than the traditional star-bottom trash bags. The EarthSense bags are oversized, and they are nearly 1 mm thick. The tough plastic can hold heavy contents without ripping or tearing. The bags come in a convenient pack that makes them easy to store and to dispense. The trash bag sizes are large enough to hold 33 gallons of trash or debris.

What Makes the EarthSense 33 Gal. Recycled Trash Bags Different than Typical Trash Bags?

These heavy-duty garbage bags made by EarthSense have been created using 75% recycled material. And 65% of the recycled material is pre-consumer, and 10% of the recycled material comes from post-consumer. These bags also meet compliance and standards. They are third-party certified by scientific certification systems. These black garbage bags are intended for trash and not for recyclables. The individually folded bags are easy to retrieve from the dispenser.

How to Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags for Your Needs?

Thicker garbage bags like these EarthSense bags are great for tough transport and rough objects. They are resistant to tearing, and they can be used to collect sticks and other yard trimmings. They can also be used for household trash with rough edges like crab legs or glass. Another factor to consider when choosing your garbage bag is the size of your trash can. These bags have a 33-gallon capacity, which means they will work well with a typical 23-gallon kitchen trashcan or a smaller outdoor trash can up to 32 gallons. Larger garbage cans like the 44-gallon or 55-gallon cans should use larger trash bag sizes.

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