Duracell Automotive Battery - Group Size 48 (H6)

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Model # 48 / H6 |


  • 12V automotive battery
  • For passenger cars, light trucks and vans
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Durable and long-lasting
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The Duracell® Automotive Battery - Group Size 48 (H6) has been built with maintenance-free design, ultra-premium performance and all-weather starting protection, as part of the ultimate line of advanced generation batteries.

About This Duracell Automotive Battery

This Duracell car battery offers built-in durability that allows it to deliver dependable power in even the toughest conditions. If your vehicle regular experiences the hot summer or bitter cold winter, ordinary batteries may fail, but the Duracell Automotive Battery - Group Size 48 (H6) will still provide optimized starting power and an extended battery life. Whether LTVs, APV, SUVs or similar vehicles, the next generation of cars is demanding more and more from their batteries, so choose the best automotive battery to offer those ultimate high-powered solutions from the Duracell battery line.

How Can I Tell the Manufacturer Date of a Duracell Automotive Battery - Group Size 48 (H6)?

It's actually less useful to know the exact physical age a battery than to know about its service life and the state of health of the battery. That's why the codes stamped on Duracell batteries are not self-explanatory regarding the age of the battery. In fact, it's not important to know the date that the battery was produced but rather the time when it began to be used in the vehicle, because that's when the starter battery is loaded and the electrochemical wear process begins.

The life of an automotive battery really depends more on the number of discharge and charge cycles, as well as the depth of discharge, than it does the battery's physical age.

So, the best practice is to hold onto the proof of purchase, such as a receipt or a garage work order, that shows when the battery was purchased and installed. Replace the battery before it gets low on charge. On average, according to auto experts, car batteries last five to seven years.

How Do I Maintain My Duracell Auto Battery?

To maximize the life of your Car Battery Group Size H6 48, the Automobile Association of America recommends having an automotive service professional check the battery and its starting and charging systems annually.

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