This Dripless Water Pan for Standard 8-Quart Full-Size Chafers should be considered essential by anyone who uses full-sized chafing dishes.

Where Can This Dripless Water Pan Be Used?

As the name implies, this dripless water pan is meant to fit beneath a traditional, full-sized chafing dish and within a standard chafing dish frame. Ideally, this water pan is heated by dual fuel canisters to ensure even heat from one end to the other. However, the stainless-steel water pan can help to distribute heat quite evenly with even the one fuel canister lit beneath.

Can This Dripless Water Pan for Standard Full-Size Chafers Fit Two Smaller Chafing Dishes?

This stainless water pan is designed for a full-sized chafer, but it is likely that two half-pan dishes will fit well within the pan.

Can This Warp Easily?

The design of the pan includes an improved and enhanced frame that prevents it from bending or warping. This is also why a clean stainless-steel pan can stack easily within another. In fact, these are designed to stack in multiples to help with easier setups, clean-ups and storage.

How Does This Pan Prevent Dripping?

Condensation can easily build up on the exterior of chafing dishes, but this stainless-steel pot or vessel has been created to prevent that issue from developing. This means no drips of water to ruin the good looks of a formal table at a wedding, banquet or other special events.

What Is the Size of the Pan?

It measures 22"L x 14"W x 4.3"H, which is not the size of a standard chafing dish. This is the water pan, which means it has to accommodate the chafing pans or food serving pans and is why the dimensions are larger than the typical dishes.

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