Get your gate up and running with this Dreambaby® Spacer Kit for Retractable Gates. If you’re having trouble installing your gate due to your molding, you need this spacer kit.

    What Are the Specifications of the Dreambaby Spacer Kit for Retractable Gates?

    If molding is blocking you from hanging your gate, you will need this spacer kit to make the area level. This kit’s compatible with the L820 Dreambaby retractable gate. It’s easy to install and you can have your gate up in a matter of minutes.

    Why Use a Dreambaby Spacer Kit for Retractable Gates?

    All houses are different and in some hallways or stairwells, there’s decorative molding that prevents you from hanging your baby gate. This kit works around that problem.

    Why Do Parents Put Baby Gates Up Inside Their Homes?

    A retractable child's gate is an important piece of safety equipment if you have small children. The retractable baby gate is perfect for stairs or for stopping a child from getting too close to a fireplace. You can put baby gates over windows that could potentially cause a fall. Use a retractable baby gate to keep kids and pets out of certain areas of your home.

    As a world-renowned company, Dreambaby has become synonymous with child and baby safety items. These high-quality and extremely durable products are made with care and with cost-effectiveness in mind. You can gain peace of mind knowing that your little girl or guy is safe and sound. Your family will prosper in a home that promotes health, safety and comfort thanks to Dreambaby baby products. Use retractable safety gates to keep your children safe, happy and healthy.

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