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  • An original blend of 23 authentic flavors
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Unique in every way, Dr Pepper stands out as one of the more popular soda flavors. With this package of Dr Pepper, you can take the great taste of Dr Pepper with you where ever you go. Take the package to the beach or park for a fun day in the sun or keep them at home for a convenient treat throughout your day.

Is Dr Pepper Sugar-Free Soda?

While Diet Dr Pepper is considered sugar-free, using artificial sweeteners in place of high fructose corn syrup, this package is not sugar-free. This Dr Pepper formulation is the original Dr Pepper flavor and uses high fructose corn syrup as its sweetening agent. You can find sugar-free soft drinks, including Diet Dr Pepper available.

Does Dr Pepper Products Have 23 Flavors?

It may sound extreme, but yes Dr Pepper uses 23 unique flavors to make their famous drink. The soda includes flavoring from cola, cherry, amaretto, licorice, caramel, pepper, sarsaparilla, lemon, orange, nutmeg, coriander, almond, vanilla, apricot, juniper, plum, molasses, ginger, blackberry, anise, prickly ash, birch, cardamom and allspice. The creator of Dr Pepper made it in his pharmacy and wanted to capture the smells that he enjoyed every day while working.

Is the Package of Dr Pepper Cans or Bottles?

This package of Dr Pepper includes aluminum cans. Each can is considered a serving and contains 150 calories. You can recycle your Dr Pepper can with your local recycling center.

What Is a Hot Dr Pepper Drink?

A hot Dr Pepper product is a drink where you warm the soda before drinking it. Empty a can of soda into a saucepan and heat on medium-low heat until the soft-drink reaches about 180°F. Place a slice of lemon in the bottom of your mug and pour the warmed Dr Pepper over it and enjoy. You can also use it as part of your Hot Toddy Recipe if you are looking for a warm Dr Pepper drink with a little kick.

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