The DJI™ Mavic Air Bundle (Drone, Bag, Extra Props) gives you the thrill of a fast- and far-flying drone in the palm of your hand. The DJI Mavic price can't be beat for quality and performance. This little powerhouse of a drone captures 4K video and 12MP photos with a three-axis camera. The stabilization from the triple axis mount ensures your video and photos will never be shaky or blurry. The beauty that you capture can also be stored onboard the device, as it comes with 8GB of storage built in. Of course, when shooting in 4K, things can get big fast. So the DJI Mavic Air Bundle can accept memory cards for additional storage capacity, ensuring you'll never run out of space in the middle of a masterpiece. This set comes with a drone, extra propellers, propeller guards, charger and battery, remote adaptor, carrying case, shoulder bag, gimbal protector and a spare set of control sticks. It also has all the cords you need to get up and running.

    Is This Drone the Mavic Pro?

    No, this drone is the DJI Mavic, not the drone called DJI Mavic Pro nor DJI Maverick Pro.

    How Much Flight Time Does It Have?

    The DJI Mavic Air Bundle can fly for up to 21 minutes without a charge. Of course, you can always keep a spare battery charged up and ready so all you have to do is swap them and keep flying.

    Is the DJI Mavic Good for Beginners?

    Yes, this DJI Mavic Air Bundle is great for beginners because it comes with everything you need to get flying. The drone is easy to fly and control and the interface is intuitive enough for first-time drone pilots. You can use your phone with the remote adaptor that gives you the control of joysticks but the familiarity of your smartphone. It is still a good drone even for advanced pilots because of the speed, power and performance of the onboard camera. This set is all you need to get outside and start flying and recording from a whole new perspective.

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