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  • ​Diet Mountain Dew nutrition includes only 10 calories
  • Doesn't make you feel bloated
  • Refreshing taste
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Citrus, lemon and lime. Three flavors associated with many different types of food. Lime is well known as the ultimate topping on a delicious taco al pastor. To many, lemon provides healing qualities and is included in water, taking the place of cucumbers. Citrus is commonly infused in candy because of its wonderful taste. To combine all three flavors results in the legendary beverage named Mountain Dew. Now, you can share the calorie-free version with this package of Diet Mountain Dew.

What Makes Diet Mountain Dew a Refreshing Drink?

With years of tinkering with the ultimate fusion of flavors, this Mountain Dew drink is sure to be a hit in its calorie-free version. Each Diet Mountain Dew can combines the tangy flavors of citrus, lemon and lime, to provide an extremely refreshing sugar-free soda. In the realm of sugar-free soft drinks, Diet Mountain Dew is the best tasting, and a great option for enjoying in hot weather, at the movies or with a variety of foods.

Which Foods Go Well With Diet Mountain Dew?

Diet Mountain Dew continues a long-time tradition of great-tasting Mountain Dew drinks, including the Mountain Dew energy drink. Therefore, it goes well with everything. Pull out the grill and load it up with your favorite cuts of beef, just be sure to include an ice-filled cooler of Diet Mountain Dew to pass around. If you really want to enjoy this sugar-free soda, have it with citrus fruits to get a bonus taste. Another fan favorite is eating salty snacks, which are complemented by the citrus drink. You can get away with indulging in the finer foods since Diet Mountain Dew has zero calories.

Does Diet Mountain Dew Contain Carbohydrates?

Not at all. In addition to being carbohydrate free and calorie free, Diet Mountain Dew is also sugar free. Remember when you were told time and time again that there isn't a tasty beverage that is harmless? Well, now you know. Diet Mountain Dew is a guilt-free enjoyable drink that everybody finds refreshing.

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