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Diet Dr. Pepper (12oz / 24pk)

by Dr. Pepper |
Item # 6035

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About this item

  • Always One of a Kind, original recipe with 23 flavors since 1885
  • Refreshing taste that everyone loves
  • Great for concessions, c store, and vending
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The taste of Dr Pepper has pleased people for well over 100 years. Established in 1885, the brand has continued to flourish by occupying space in store shelves, on the fountain drink machine and being sold at virtually any food based. It makes sense that kids and adults continue to enjoy the beverage, and now there's a better way to share it with everybody around you. This package of Diet Dr Pepper will keep everybody enjoying the classic, historic taste of Dr Pepper.

What is Inside of Diet Dr Pepper?

It would make sense that a special recipe be hidden far away, kept a secret for business or personal reasons, but the truth is out. Each Diet Dr Pepper can contains 23 flavors, combined into one 12-ounce delight. Some of these flavors include clove, ginger, juniper, molasses, nutmeg, prune, root beer, raspberry and vanilla. It may be hard to believe that all these flavors result in a sugar-free soda, but this blend is exactly why Diet Dr Pepper is considered among the best sugar-free soft drinks.

What Are the Best Foods to Eat with Diet Dr. Pepper?

With Diet Dr Pepper, light or heavy meals will bring out the best in the drink. This means that you can eat whatever your heart desires. Since the sugar-free soda has zero calories, all the foods that were refusing to indulge in are now open game. Enjoy that candy bar while you take a sip, or eat that tasty hamburger with a glass of Diet Dr Pepper on ice. The drink complements all types of food.

Does Diet Dr Pepper contain Carbs?

Besides being a sugar-free soda, Diet Dr Pepper is zero-carb. This means no carbs, no sugar and no calories. However, don't think that the drink will make you tired. In each bottle of Diet Dr Pepper, caffeine content is present, although at a low amount. Just enough to keep you focused for the next batch of work, and maybe for another meal.

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