The Design House™ 4-Light Vanity Light Torino Collection Satin Nickel is an elegant product to use for vanity lights. For those who use a vanity in the morning, a 4-light vanity light is convenient because it provides the right amount of light for applying make-up, fixing hair and shaving. In addition, a vanity mirror with lights offers an elegant and professional look for any bathroom. The frosted glass and a satin nickel finish pair well with any color of counters, cabinets or walls. These bathroom lights have a modern look because of the squared glass frames. Other Design House fixtures pair particularly well with these bathroom vanity lights and the neutral color is easy to match to towel colors and wall colors. Furthermore, you can use LED vanity lights as long as they are compatible with 120-volt fixtures that use 60-watt light bulbs.

Can I Use Only the Design House 4-Light Vanity Light Torino Collection Satin Nickel for the Entire Bathroom Lighting?

Yes. The 4 light vanity light offers plenty of lighting for the entire bathroom.

What Colors Look Best With the Design House 4-Light Vanity Light Torino Collection Satin Nickel?

Dark colors offer a beautiful contrast with the satin nickel. Deep eggplant purple gives a regal feel and navy blue is a color that you can never go wrong with because you can create a variety of bathroom themes with this color.

Do I Need to Hire an Electrician to Mount the Design House 4-Light Vanity Light Torino Collection Satin Nickel?

If you do not have experience replacing bathroom lights, you might want to consider accepting assistance from an electrician in order to avoid harming yourself or damaging your electrical circuit in your home. You definitely should get help from an electrician if there is not an existing light fixture where you are hoping to mount these bathroom lights.

Does the Frosted Glass Impact the Brightness of the Vanity Lights?

If you position the bathroom lights specifically to be used as vanity lights, the frosted glass should not cause the fixture to lose the necessary brightness for effective vision.

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