DeLonghi Digital Tower Ceramic Heater

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This DeLonghi tower heater is the cold-weather solution for drafty, cool rooms. Boasting a stylish tower design, it provides cozy warmth almost instantly!

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  • Heats rooms efficiently
  • DeLonghi heater is programmable
  • Eco-mode saves on electricity usage
  • Safe due to programming and no-tip function
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
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There are few things worse in the world than being cold with no warmth in sight. Fortunately, the Delonghi® Ceramic Tower Heater can fix that problem, and fix it quickly. The DeLonghi heater's tower design makes it more efficient than other types of space heaters. The DeLonghi radiant heater projects heat outward and upward, meaning that the cold space won’t be cold for too long.

When choosing a place to use a DeLonghi space heater, there should be a clear area so that nearby objects aren’t accidentally affected. The heater itself can get quite warm and when running for a long period of time, it can pose a fire risk. Safety is a must, and when safely operating the DeLonghi electric heater, there will be little more time that you are cold because this heater’s ability to get warm fast is unmatched.

How is a Space Heater More Efficient than Heating Systems?

The problem with heating systems in a home is that the system when turned on runs through the entire home. Whether it is the radiators or through a central air system, the entire house gets warm while some folks are not in rooms that are warming. Therefore, the distribution of heat is inefficient. The DeLonghi ceramic heater is a great way to focus on warming a specific location at one time. Because the space heater is portable, it can go wherever is needed as long as there’s a plug.

The other reason the space heater is more efficient is that the thermostat built-in has an automatic shut-off switch. For houses with furnaces and radiators, this type of heating control doesn’t necessarily exist. The furnace needed to be turned on and once the house is toasty then it must be turned off. The space heater is different – once the ideal temperature is reached, then the system shuts itself off.

Do Space Heaters Cause Fires?

Old space heaters are notorious for being the causes of fires. There are many reasons behind this, and most are due to a lack of technology. There are a few options making the DeLonghi very safe – even if children are using it.

The first, going back to the earlier point, is the built-in thermostat. When set to eco-mode, the thermostat will shut the unit off and allow it to cool. Furthermore, the space heater is programmable. You can set the space heater to only operate at certain times and certain temperatures. This is a great way to keep the space heater from overheating and catching on fire.

The last problem that DeLonghi solved is the tipping issue. Most space heaters started fires because they would tip over and gradually ignite something flammable on the floor. This space heater is equipped with an anti-tipping system. If the space heater falls on its side, it automatically shuts off.

Space Heater Tips

To make the most of your space heater, keep it in a location where most folks congregate in the home. Give the heater some room for air to circulate. Use the programmable settings to keep the space heater safe and also teach children about space heater safety.

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