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  • Sleek and simple
  • Easy to access
  • Plug and play 10 times faster
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    Your files. Your world.

    Make sure your data is right where you want it, whenever you need it. Easily and securely store your photos, movies and files with the Dell 500GB1 Portable External Hard Drive.

    Sleek and simple

    The Dell 500GB Portable External Hard Drive makes it easy to transfer, store and share your pictures, movies, music and other important files. A sleek design and light weight make this drive easy to carry, and because it’s powered by your PC's USB connection, you don't need to carry an extra power cord.

    Easy to access

    Enjoy your movies and music directly from the hard drive. Connect it to compatible devices, including laptops, televisions and Blu-ray boxes, and easily enjoy your entertainment when and where you want to.

    Plug and play 10 times faster

    Fast USB 3.02 connectivity (up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0) makes it easy to share or transfer large collections of photos, videos or songs. Plug-and-play technology requires no software, so moving your data is as easy as dragging and dropping files.

    Store more

    With 500GB of storage capacity, you can store up to 125,000 songs, 150,000 photos, 60 DVD movies3 (or combinations of music, photos and movies) on one device. Data backup is easy, and you can also help improve your PC's performance by keeping large files on this external hard drive.

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