Degree Motionsense DrySpray for Men, Ultraclear Black & White (3.8 oz., 3 pk.)

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  • 48-hour Degree antiperspirant
  • Modern, masculine scent built on woody notes with amber
  • Motion-activated protection
  • Degree's best protection ever against white marks and yellow stains
  • Formulated with Degree's innovative Motionsense technology
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With new Degree® Motionsense® DrySpray for Men, Ultraclear Black & White (3.8 oz., 3 pk.), cut down on the stains some antiperspirants leave behind when mixed with your body's sweat and natural oils. Keep clothes looking new: No white marks on black clothes and no yellow stains on white clothes. Degree. It won't let you down.

What Makes Degree Antiperspirant Different?

Degree Motionsense DrySpray for Men, Ultraclear Black & White goes on instantly dry, making you feel cleaner. Dry spray antiperspirant contains no water or alcohol, which leaves behind a wet feeling residue. Unlike other formats, Degree dry protection does not contain wax, which may leave a waxy residue.

How Does Degree Motionsense DrySpray for Men, Ultraclear Black & White Work?

The active ingredients in this Degree men's product are deposited in the underarm as an invisible, dry-feeling powder. As you sweat, this solid dissolves to fill sweat ducts for up to 48 hours of wetness protection.

In addition, sweating activates the antibacterial properties of Degree Motionsense DrySpray for Men, killing the bacteria that produce unpleasant body odors. With its breakthrough Motionsense technology, Degree DrySpray keeps you fresh.

Sweat Facts

Also called perspiration, sweat is a normal, healthy bodily function. Sweating cools your body down in a process known as thermoregulation. When your brain sends the signal to perspire, your body releases a clear liquid from more than 3 million sweat glands (sudoriferous glands). That fluid evaporates from the skin, lowering your body temperature.

Many factors can cause you to perspire: hot environments, physical activity, emotional feelings such as stress, eating hot or spicy food, side effects from medication or surgery, illness (as your body fights an infection or fever) and hormonal changes such as menopause, pregnancy, menstruation of puberty.

In addition to using Degree men's deodorant, you can cut back on sweating by avoiding spicy foods, clothes made from synthetic materials, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, all of which can cause you to sweat more.

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