Digital Wireless Technology

Using superior digital wireless functionality, the PhoenixM2 system maintains a clear and strong signal up to 450' away. Easily view your footage on the 7" screen in full, split or quad-screen view.

Record Only What You Need

Flexible recording options allow you to record continuously, create a schedule or set motion detection. Record up to 8GB of audio/video footage on the included SD Card. Expandable up to 128GB SD Card.

24/7 Monitoring

Built for indoor and outdoor use with a durable aluminum housing, this security system will help you feel protected 24 hours a day. Each camera is equipped with night vision that lets you see up to 40' in complete darkness.

Two-Way Intercom

With a microphone built-in to the camera and monitor, the system lets you safely communicate with others anywhere on your property.


This system is expandable up to four cameras, you can build out your preferred monitoring experience.

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