A system so versatile, you'll never waste storage space on uneventful footage. Build a schedule or set up motion detection to see what you want, when you want. With no contracts or monthly fees, you'll catch all suspicious activity directly on 1TB of local NVR storage. Please note: All cameras require access to a power source.

Depend on Defender

Experience Defender’s next generation of high definition security. Featuring 2K resolution, remote viewing with the free SmartSignal app, and no monthly fees, Defender 2K Wireless gives you hassle free peace of mind, ready to go in three simple steps.

Simple. Wireless. Convenient.

Eliminating the frustration that comes with wired security systems, with wireless technology you can secure those hard to reach or more remote locations. Designed for DIY simplicity, you won’t be overwhelmed by cables, all you need is a power source.

Enhanced View

A great surveillance system starts with being able to see what’s going on around your home or business. With 2K (4 megapixel) resolution, you can zoom in on your footage to view what’s happening with crisp detail.

Instant Insight

Whether you’re away from home on vacation, or closing your business for the night, stay connected with the free SmartSignal app. View live or recorded footage and receive instant mobile alerts, so you’re just a tap away, anywhere, anytime.

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