Tackle stubborn grease with the incredible cleaning power of Dawn® Ultra Concentrated Dish Detergent, Original Scent (90 oz. bottle). Dawn's revolutionary formula has made it America's leading dishwashing liquid.

The Dawn Difference

Dawn dish liquid doesn't just clean dishes; it's formulated to tackle your toughest tasks, with an ultra-concentrated, grease-fighting formula that starts to work on contact. Just one drop of Dawn instantly breaks up grease in standing water, making that sink full of dishes already easier to deal with. Burnt-on, stuck-on foods are no match for Dawn's cleaning power; it cuts through even the most stubborn stains for beautifully-clean results.

Does Dawn Ultra Concentrated Dish Detergent, Original Scent Work on Any Surface?

Dawn liquid soap can be used on just about any material, from stainless steel to stoneware, as well as on glass, plastic, melamine, ceramic and even sterling silver surfaces. It may be tough on stains, but it's also remarkably gentle on your dishes, pots, pans and glassware, removing grease and food particles without compromising glazes or finishes. Your dishes and cookware stay in pristine condition, wash after wash.

Clean More With Much Less

Dawn detergent's ultra-concentrated formula is packed with grease-fighting power. One drop of this concentrate contains three times the power of the leading bargain brand. The powerful formulation makes it possible to use even less Dawn liquid soap than ever before. This extra-large 90 oz. bottle is equal to 11 refill bottles, allowing for more clean dishes with less waste.

It's the Same Fantastic Scent, But is Dawn Gentle on Skin?

The original formula of blue Dawn dish soap features a crisp, clean fragrance that makes each clean-up job more enjoyable. The scent is mild and does not overpower the senses, making the typically thankless task of doing dishes more pleasant. The formula is also gentle on your hands and won't dry out your skin.

Keeping More Than Just Dishes Clean

Dawn Ultra Concentrated Dish Detergent doesn't just tackle dirty dishes. Dawn and its partners have been instrumental in the efforts to protect wildlife. The same tough-yet-gentle formula that keeps your dishes clean and your skin soft has been used by The Marine Mammal Center® and International Bird Rescue to save over 75,000 birds affected by oil and pollution spills from coast to coast.

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