Dawn® Dishwashing Liquid, Original Scent (5 gal. pail) is a professional pot and pan detergent. It can be used as is or diluted to make a versatile, all-purpose cleaning solution.

What is Dawn Dishwashing Liquid?

Dawn dishwashing liquid is a part of Procter & Gamble. The product can be used to clean pots, pans, baking dishes, bowls, glasses, plates and much more with ease. Use it on a wet sponge for simple jobs, but for baked on grease or extra dirty items, put just a bit of Dawn dish liquid in a sink full of water and let it soak. You can find the ideal ratio of Dawn dishwashing liquid to water on the container.

Procter & Gamble is a leader when it comes to creating, innovating and developing household products. At some point, the company hopes to use 100% recycled materials or renewable materials when it comes to its products. The Dawn dishwashing liquid packages are made of recyclable materials so that less of an impact is made on the environment. In addition, Dawn dish liquid contains biodegradable surfactants.

Does Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Original Scent Work Well?

Because this is a professional grade Dawn dish liquid, it is concentrated and produces extra suds that will help wash away grease and grime. The thicker formula allows for 4 times more grease cleaning power (versus other leading brands) when items are soaked for 1 minute. In the end, this will save time, water and money.

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Original Scent Uses

In addition to using Dawn on dishes, it can be used to spot treat grease stains on clothing, used to clean hand tools, used on stovetops and used to clean stainless steel appliances. It is an extremely versatile product that you will always want to keep handy.

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife

Dawn dishwashing liquid has been used to help clean off animals that have been affected by oil pollution. The company has been a part of this process for over 40 years. In addition to donating bottles to rescue efforts, the brand is also educating people about animal wellbeing, keeping the oceans clean and much more.

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