Meet your new salad prep station! The Salad Prep Pro is not only an efficient salad spinner and storage set, it's also a mandolin, shredder and grater in one.

After rigorously spinning your salad with a spin of the handy lever, place your fresh greens in the large salad bowl and pop on a lid with blades to slice or shred your favorite toppings right onto the salad.

Grate cheese, slice cucumbers, shred carrots – whatever you want, simply slice it directly over your salad without dirtying any other dishes. Add your dressing and serve the salad fresh or pop on the storage lid and stick it in the fridge to enjoy later.

Besides salad, this spinner works great for drying fruit, pasta noodles and so much more. The salad bowl and lid slicers make efficient work of creating toppings for meals like pizza. When you're finished with meal prep, all the pieces fit inside the bowl for compact storage.

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