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  • 6-ounce styrofoam cups
  • One-piece construction reduces chance of leaks
  • For hot and cold beverages
  • 25 cups per bag x 40 bags = 1,000 cups
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Dart® Hot and Cold Foam Cups, 6 oz. (1,000 ct.) are a foodservice staple: the ubiquitous and timeless 6-oz. styrofoam cups. Foam coffee cups are used the world over for their convenience and effectiveness at keeping your coffee hot without scalding your hand while you're holding it. 6 oz. foam cups are a small and portable size that can be refilled repeatedly to keep your coffee fresh and hot. Dart Hot and Cold Foam Cups are the perfect size for cappuccino or small espresso drinks, as well as for small but potent cups of tea. These cups are also suitable for cold beverages and will keep the beverage cold longer than paper or plastic. Styrofoam has natural insulation properties that exceed most other cup types, but they are hard to recycle so if you use them, please locate the easiest place for you to recycle them locally.

Why Choose Paper vs. Styrofoam Coffee Cups?

Styrofoam is not very gentle on the environment so it has largely been replaced by paper coffee cups with recycled paper sleeves to protect your hand, but even so, paper does not do a very good job of insulating your coffee or tea to keep it hot. The liquid will get cooler much faster in a paper cup than in a styrofoam cup.

Is This a Box of Loose Cups?

In this big box, there are 40 sleeves of cups in individual bags for easy use and transport. Each bag contains 25 cups in a vertically stacked sleeve. These are space-saving and convenient packages to bring to your job site, work area, cafeteria or coffee station and refill as needed.

Are These Styrofoam Cups with Lids?

No, Dart Hot and Cold Foam Cups do not come with lids. These foam cups are compatible with lids, and lids can be purchased separately to pair with these cups. Lids will further contribute to the insulation and maintenance of your beverage's temperature. It can also protect the drinker as they are holding the cup from letting liquid splash over the edges onto their hands. Lids are important to the overall enjoyment of the beverage so it is vital that these cups are compatible with lids, which they are.

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