A time-honored brand name, Brunswick has been offering superior craftsmanship and innovation since 1845. This traditionally- styled and beautifully made Brunswick Danbury 8-Foot Billiard Table makes a classic centerpiece for any game or family room.

Traditionally Styled

In a rich chestnut finish, the Danbury billiard table features a double-arched base with ball-and-claw legs, and a cloth table surface that is designed to play faster and longer. The cloth provides a surface free of knots for accurate ball roll and playability. A 2500 lb. cylinder steams and presses the cloth to give it a harder finish insuring little or no pilling and faster play.

Durable, Classic Design

Crafted to last, the Danbury frame is constructed of superior engineered and select veneered hardwood. Classic in style, this table has Brunswick slate accents and camphor burl inlays with a double arch. Shield style pockets feature tassels for a traditional look.

Accessories Included

The playing surface of this billiard table measures 44” x 88”. Accessories include a set of standard pocket balls, four two-piece cues, a bridge stick and a bridge head. It also comes with an 8-ball rack, a table brush, chalk and a rule book. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Brunswick billiard table is supported by the largest dealer network in the business. This billiard table will provide years of superb performance and playability.


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