The Cyron™ MR16 LED Bulb - 5W Replacement for 30W Warm White is a replacement for the conventional 20-30W halogen bulb. The MR16 light bulb lasts longer and helps conserve energy and save you money. With its high-quality light, the MR16 LED bulb is perfect for lighting up home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, basements and more.

How Long Do the MR16 LED Bulbs Last?

The Cyron MR16 LED Bulb - 5W Replacement for 30W Warm White is powered by a high-power 5W COB LED chip. The LED bulb is built to last for long periods of time. The expected lifespan of the light bulb is up to 27 years.

What Quality of Light Does the Bulb Emit?

The Cyron MR16 LED Bulb - 5W Replacement for 30W Warm White emits a high-quality light that brilliantly lights up the room. It radiates 350 lumens for warm, white light. The MR16 LED bulbs fully meet all the standards with a single source of LED light. This feature eliminates a common multi-shadow effect that most other high-power LED MR16 bulbs cause. The lack of a multi-shadow effect gives these LED light bulbs a leg up on the competition.

Is the Bulb Low-Heat?

The MR16 Replacement bulb emits a low amount of heat. It is designed with the standard form and fit to a halogen bulb. The bulb is built with a stylish yet simplistic design with an ample heat dissipation heatsink. This feature gives the bulbs their low-heat feature. Normal bulbs overheat easily and can burn your skin if touched, but the low-heat Cyron MR16 bulbs will not leave any burn. Be advised that the bulb is not mean to be used with dimmers.

Does the Bulb Contain Mercury?

Exposure to mercury can harm the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs and immune system. For your safety, the bulb does not contain any mercury.

How Much Energy Does the Bulb Save?

The energy-saving bulb provides up to 90% energy savings when compared to standard light bulbs.

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