Member’s Mark USDA Choice Angus Beef Brisket Flat, Cryovac (priced per pound)

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  • Boneless brisket
  • 1 piece per bag
  • 4-10 lbs. of meat per bag
  • Priced per pound
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This USDA Choice Angus Beef Brisket Flat Cryovac® is cut from the deep pectoral muscle of a boneless brisket. The surfaces are trimmed to basically be free from fat.

Why Is a Layer of Fat Left on the USDA Choice Angus Beef Brisket?

A full layer of fat is left on one side of the beef brisket. This layer of fat enables the flat cut to stay moist and flavorful when it is cooked.

How Can This USDA Choice Angus Beef Brisket Flat Cryovac Be Prepared?

This brisket is a great cut of meat for making a pot roast or slow cooking in the oven or a slow cooker.

What are the Nutritional Aspects of Angus Beef Brisket?

The USDA has categorized flat cuts of beef brisket to be a lean beef. A serving size is generally three ounces and contains 28 grams of protein. Beef brisket is a complete protein, and contains all of the essential amino acids. It can also be a significant source of B vitamins. A serving size of beef can contain up to 37% off the daily recommended amount of vitamin B12. It's also a good source of zinc, phosphorus and iron.

How Does the USDA Grade Beef?

Beef is placed into eight categories by the USDA. However, only three of those are typically found on the grocery store shelves. These categories are USDA Prime, USDA Choice and USDA Select.

What Does It Mean to Be USDA Choice?

Choice is the second highest of the beef grades. While there isn't as much marbling as Prime brisket, Choice is still good quality at an economical price. Plus, it'll be juicy and flavorful.

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