Every commercial kitchen can use a Cres Cor® Proofing-Holding Cabinet due to its versatility. You will be able to produce the loaves of bread that you need and keep your prepared foods at serving temperature with ease.

What Are the Specifications of the Cres Cor Proofing-Holding Cabinet?

This Cres Cor warmer and proofing cabinet contains a very powerful heating system that is also very efficient. You can adjust the heat and humidity to the exact levels that you need for perfect proofing of uniformly raised dough or to keep foods that are already prepared at the ideal serving temperature. The Cres Cor heated cabinet contains 2000 watts of heating power which can maintain 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When proofing, you can keep the temperature at 80 degrees or 95 degrees while maintaining a humidity of 95%. The body of the Cres Cor food warmer is made of a non-corrosive and high-tensile aluminum. The extruded frame of the cabinet is fully welded which makes it very strong while also being easy to move around your kitchen.

What Are the Specs of the Door of the Cres Cor Proofing-Holding Cabinet?

The door allows you to view the food products you are preparing within. The Cres Cor warmer has a standard right hinge, and the door has perimeter gaskets to help minimize the amount of heat that is lost. The door is secured with a magnetic latch, and there are 11 chrome-plated extrusions inside that are able to accommodate a variety of pan sizes. The Cres Cor heated cabinet can be controlled and the temperatures adjusted without opening the door. Plus, there is an easy-to-read thermometer so you can always be sure your food is at the exact temperature you desire.

What Size Pans Can the Cres Cor Proofing-Holding Cabinet Accommodate?

The Cres Cor holding cabinet can accommodate four different pan sizes. You can use 12" x 20" pans, 18" x 26" pans, 14" x 18" pans and 10" x 10" pans.

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