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Coreless Interleaved Rolls 12-16 Gal. Trash Bags (1,000 ct.)

Item # 741422
Model # IBS EC2433N |

Product Details

About this item

  • Lightweight garbage bag with 12-16 gallon capacity
  • Includes star-sealed bottom design for even weight distribution
  • Size: 24" x 33"
  • Micron gauge: 5
  • Color: natural
current price: $28.98$0.03/ea
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Stock up on reasonably priced, large garbage bags for lightweight trash with these Coreless Interleaved Rolls 12-16 gal. Trash Bags (1,000 ct.).

What Are the Specifications of the Coreless Interleaved Rolls 12-16 Gal. Trash Bags?

These trash bags feature a star-sealed bottom design, which helps distribute weight evenly within the back. In fact, the design creates a seal that is up to eight times stronger than the film itself. With this strong design, you can feel comfortable that these bags will be able to withstand trash loads in an evenly distributed manner.

These garbage bags come in a natural color and feature a perforated roll for separation and use without the risk of tearing the trash bags.

What Is the Recommended Use for the Coreless Interleaved Rolls 12-16 Gal. Trash Bags?

These trash bags are recommended for light use, such as crumpled paper, cups, light waste, bathroom trash and other lightweight uses. Buying these bags in bulk is a perfect solution for restaurants, stores and the workplace for use as bathroom trash bags, kitchen trash bags or other lightweight purposes.

What Is the Coreless Trash Bags’ Micron Gauge?                          

The Coreless Interleaved Rolls have a micron gauge (or “MIL”) of five. Thickness is important when purchasing trash bags, as the thickness or “gauge” of a trash bag determines its strength, weight and price. Lower density trash bags provide more strength and are best used for heavier and bulkier items. Higher density trash bags are ideal for light to moderately heavy trash and are often less pricey. The micron gauge can range from 1 (low density) through 22 (high density).  The Coreless Interleaved Trash Bags, with their 5 MIL-gauge, are lower density bags ideal for light to medium-weight trash, and are more cost-effective.

For a reasonably priced trash bag for lightweight trash, these 15-gallon trash bags are an ideal solution. Combining even weight distribution, a bulk package and a lower price, these bags are an ideal purchase for companies and organizations looking for a cost-effective trash bag option.

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