The Lane Furniture® Hoss ComfortKing Big & Tall Recliner is designed with button tufts and plush padding over roll arms, so that your body gets complete relaxation when you use it. This big and tall recliner features a sturdy construction. It’s suitable for tall people who need an extra-large recliner to comfortably fit their larger frames. This product is available in a variety of colors, so you get to choose one that best fits the ambience of your room.

What Are the Features of the Lane Furniture Hoss ComfortKing Big & Tall Recliner?

Lane recliners for big and tall people are characterized by plush padding rolls on the arm rests and button-tufted back support. It has a tough and sturdy construction, so that it can be used without risk of failure or damage for many years. This big and tall recliner offers a comfortable, high-quality option for customers who have been on the lookout for a piece of furniture that’s capable of accommodating their large-sized frames. The Lane recliner for tall people can support individuals weighing up to 500 pounds or measuring up to 6’8” in height.

What’s Unique About the Construction of the Lane Furniture Hoss ComfortKing Big & Tall Recliner?

This ComfortKing extra-large recliner is made from a patented mechanism of 7-gauge steel. It features a steel base to make it more durable and give better support. The seating system is made of unitized drop-in coil that stretches out to the length of a king-size mattress in the complete reclined position. The seat cushions feature high-resilience foam. Other features include an all-steel floor base and seat box.

About Lane Furniture

The Lane Furniture Company started production in 1912 out of a plant in Virginia, though the business wasn’t known by the Lane family name in its early years. A successful business model helped it earn considerable market share as it grew into a highly profitable venture. Today, Lane Furniture is a part of the United Furniture Industries and ranks among the largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of case goods and upholstery in the US market.

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