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  • A convenient quantity of large hamburger buns
  • Big hamburger buns are better than small buns
  • Enriched to ensure good nutrition
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The best burger buns are large hamburger buns. The Colonial™ Seeded Hamburger Bun 4.5" (12 ct.) is a healthy burger bun for your next barbeque. Nothing is worse than running out of the best burger buns, which makes this pack an excellent purchase. Each guest is expecting that their juicy hamburger is placed on the best hamburger buns. Healthy burger buns include ingredients that are full of fiber and nutrients and should not include too many calories. The Colonial Seeded Hamburger Bun has an added component other burger buns lack with the seeds on top.

How Many Burgers Can I Make with a Bun with The Colonial Seeded Hamburger Bun?

This pack of Colonial Hamburger Enriched Buns comes with a dozen buns. This means that you can make plenty big hamburgers with these buns.

Is a Colonial Seeded Hamburger Bun Healthy?

Yes. This is a healthy hamburger bun because it only has 210 calories and only 35 of these calories come from fat. Each bun offers 6 grams of protein and only has 4 grams of sugar. There is no unhealthy trans fat in these buns.

Can I Only Use These Hamburger Bun for Hamburgers?

No. There are many types of sandwiches that are better with a seeded bun instead of bread. For example, a hummus and cheese sandwich is a creative way to use a hamburger bun for a vegetarian option. All you need is a delicious type of hummus, cheese that can be sliced in large slices, and a variety of vegetables. A good combination is a garlic flavored hummus with provolone cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and some sprouts. All you need to do is spread both the top and bottom bun with a hefty amount of hummus and stack the cheese, then the vegetables. It is best to put the tomatoes far from the cheese with some other veggies in between because cheese usually tastes better when it is not wet from a watery vegetable like tomatoes tend to be.

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