This Chocolate Covered Almonds Gift Tin makes a wonderful gift for your closest friends and family as well as acquaintances. Chocolate-covered nuts are a classic snack. Sweet and salty, savory and indulgent, healthy and crunchy. Pair a tin of these with some chocolate-covered dried fruit and you'll have a new friend for life.

What Are the Health Benefits of Almonds?

Almonds are rich in fiber and healthy, unsaturated fats. They are a common snack for those that are adamant about eating healthy or those who are trying to lose weight because the almonds are filling but not indulgent. They are nutritious and provide long-lasting energy and prompt your body to process the energy slowly.

Is the Chocolate Covered Almonds Gift Tin a Good Gift?

Yes, chocolate-covered nuts gift tins such as this one are beautiful gifts that have wide-ranging appeal, so it's a safe bet for someone who you don't know too well, don't want to seem too personal with or just someone who is really difficult to buy gifts for. Sure, nuts aren't exactly an idyllic gift, but these delectable chocolate-covered almonds are exciting in their specialty and become more special and more ceremonious when placed in the lovely accompanying gift tin.

This Chocolate Covered Almonds Gift Tin comes in a charming painted metal container with a scene of a bucolic wintry cabin on top. It's a classy and timeless piece that acts as artwork when on display, for serving at parties or sitting out on the table, but also has a functional purpose as a container for the significant quantity of almonds inside. The best part is that the gift keeps on giving—the tin, even after you've eaten all the chocolate covered almonds inside (it won't take long)—can be used to display or hold other precious items.

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