Keep feet and paws clean with the Chevron Rib™ Indoor Entrance Mat, 4' x 6 (Various Colors). This attractive herringbone design in multiple colors creates a functional and stylish indoor mat to use in high-traffic indoor areas to reduce the tracking of mud, dirt and other unwanted substances into your house.

While the attractive design of this Chevron Rib mat makes these perfect indoor doormats for home use, the durable construction also makes them ideal entrance mats for business areas, warehouses, stores, restaurants and any other high-traffic locations.

What Colors Are Available?

The Chevron Rib Indoor Entrance Mat is available in a charcoal gray and a dark brown. Neutral color options for these entrance floor mats are intended to fit seamlessly into any décor in a stylish but inconspicuous manner.  

What Are the Specifications of the Chevron Rib Indoor Entrance Mat?

The Chevron Rib Entrance Floor Mat features a durable needle punch carpet incorporating coarse fibers to help scrape dirt, mud, debris and other substances off feet and shoes. This material also provides effective moisture retention, ideal for rainy or snowy days. Also featuring a bi-level construction, the varied heights trap and hide dirt in recessed areas to maintain the mat’s look and feel.

This polypropylene carpet is also stain- and fade-resistant for long-lasting durability and use. The underside of the commercial entrance mat features slip-resistant vinyl backing, which is necessary to keep the mat in place when rubbing and scraping shoes.  

For a highly functional but also attractive industrial floor mat, try the Chevron Rib Indoor Entrance Mat. Its sturdy construction and herringbone design will effectively rid shoes and feet of dirt and debris before entering your house, business-place, warehouse or other frequently used areas.

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