You can protect the floor at your entrance way in style with the Chevron Rib™ Indoor Entrance Mat, 3' x 5' (various colors). This is a durable entrance mat that functions like commercial floor mats while providing an attractive chevron design, which is particularly attractive with industrial interior decor. The 3' x 5' entrance mat is an adequate size for large entrances with French doors and can also fit nicely in a hallway entrance with limited space. High-traffic indoor entrances need the sturdiness of a commercial entrance mat so the floor can stay in a good condition and well protected throughout the seasons with wet weather and mud.

Can I Use the Chevron Rib Indoor Entrance Mat On Carpeted Floors?

Yes. Indoor floormats like this can be used on the carpeted floor and are ideal for protecting the longevity of the carpet in high-traffic areas.

Should I Have an Indoor Entrance Mat at Every Entryway?

It is a good idea to protect the flooring with an indoor entrance mat at every entrance of your home because it provides a space for people to wipe their shoes off and also ensures that the floor underneath stays in a good condition for longer.

Is the Chevron Rib Indoor Entrance Mat Usable Outside?

If you have a well-protected exterior at your front door you could put this mat outside, however, the mat is not intended to be exposed to rain and snow like specifically designed outdoor front door mats. If you use the Chevron Rib Indoor Entrance Mat outside, it would be a good idea to hang it up to dry immediately after sitting through a snow or rain storm.

How Can I Clean My Indoor Entrance Mat?

This particular entrance mat is a lot like carpet so it is very easy to vacuum when dry. If you have any liquid spills on the mat, you can use a cleaning rag and carpet cleaner to dab up the spill manually.


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