Enhance any room in your home and get ultra-cozy with Charleston Infrared Electric Fireplace with Bookcases. This modern electric fireplace uses real quartz infrared heat for the most efficient heating and the best energy savings, giving you a piece of furniture that is both functional, practical and pleasing to the eye.

What are the Specifics of This Stunning Electric Fireplace Insert?

This infrared electric heater is designed with faux river stone accents and is flanked by a working bookcase that has a black satin finish. The fireplace itself has a three-sided brick interior and realistic flames thanks to its flickering logs with five different brightness settings. It also has a tempered glass front, a digital thermostat to regulate the temperature and a 21-degree temperature range, so it’s always as toasty as you want it, on demand. Two of the shelves are fixed while the other four are adjustable, meaning you can easily store and display items of varying heights with a bit of fine-tuning.

You can operate the fireplace from across the room thanks to the included remote control, which also adjusts the heat, logs, flames and downlight to your desired specifications. There’s no special hookup needed as it simply plugs into your traditional wall outlet has 120v/1500-watt power capabilities. Assembly is required, though it’s easy to install the electric heater. It also doubles as the perfect entertainment center as you can mount your TV above it and store your favorite DVDs, soundbars, movie and gaming devices on its shelving.

Who Needs an Electric Fireplace?

Anyone who doesn’t have a fireplace in their home or doesn’t have one in the room they want to! Its fan-forced quartz infrared heat distributes the perfect amount of heat evenly throughout the room at a range of up to 1,000-feet, so if your living room or bedroom is susceptible to draft, this is a beautiful and handy option. It also adds class and ambiance to any room, thanks to its elegant design and built-in bookcase, which not only holds your favorite tomes but other decorative pieces and knickknacks as well. An electric fireplace with a stone lodge-inspired design is also truly romantic, making it a most welcomed addition to any couple’s bedroom, as it instantly turns it into the rustic cabin retreat you’ve always dreamt about.

Is This Electric Fireplace Bookcase Safe?

Yes! It’s designed for functionality, aesthetics and safety, all in one electric fireplace insert. It automatically shuts off after a specified period of time and is equipped with a child safety lock. Because it’s electric, it doesn’t have the inherent risk factors of traditional gas-powered fireplaces. And since there’s no actual fire burning, there’s no potential for dangerous firings being started from displaced flames. Additionally, this electric fireplace insert has a glass front that stays cool to the touch. With this beautiful, practical and safe device, it only looks like you’re playing with fire!

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