Wirelessly charge your phone and wake up to stereo music! We’ve all got to do things in life we don’t like—like getting up on time. We’ve also got to remember to perform those necessary tasks to ensure that tomorrow goes well—like recharging our phone the night before. With Charge Time Plus, you’ll never wake up in the morning with that dreaded “I forgot to plug in my phone last night” feeling. That’s because Charge Time Plus has wireless recharging capability that works with any compatible Apple or Android phone. Simply lay your phone down on the top-mounted recharge pad and you’re done. No more “I didn’t recharge” morning panic attacks. Charge Time Plus is the perfect device to help keep your life’s schedule on track. This is a stereo alarm clock that streams music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device. It has two speakers, alarm, a bright, clear LED time/temp display and silent, touch-capacitive control buttons. Its USB charge port lets you recharge a second phone at the same time you’re using the charging pad. It also has five built-in sleep sounds to help ease you into that well-deserved slumber. Plus, it has a 3.5mm aux input so you can connect non-Bluetooth devices. Charge Time Plus definitely does its part to keep you organized, well-rested and on time. Everything else is up to you.

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