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  • Front Load Pan Carrier
  • Ultra-lighweight
  • 90.9 quart capacity
  • designed to fit full size pans
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This Cam GoBox® front loader insulated pan carrier is ideal for caterers looking for an ultra-lightweight transporter that offers superior temperature retention to protect food safety and excellent durability to withstand heavy commercial use, all at an incredibly affordable price. Use this Cam GoBox to help fulfill shorter-term contracts, expand delivery services, or expand menu offerings with minimal expense. This front loading insulated pan carrier may look like it is made from Styrofoam, but it is actually made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), a lightweight, high performance foam material that is eco-friendly and incredibly durable. This Cam GoBox is capable of handling heavy loads while still maintaining its shape and form and can withstand substantial impact without damage. It is safe for food contact and is chemically inert, meaning it is unaffected by oil, grease, and most chemicals. This pan carrier is dishwasher safe, CFC-free, and 100% recyclable. This Cam GoBox is designed primarily with food safety in mind and will help ensure that food stays at safe temperatures below 39.2°F or above 149°F for several hours during holding and transport. For best results, it is recommended that hot food pans be loaded between 180°F and 190°F. On average, a hot pan loaded at 188.6°F will be at 186°F after one hour, 183.9°F after two hours, 181°F after three hours, and 178°F after four hours. A cold pan loaded at 33.9°F will be at 34.1°F on average after one hour, 34.7°F after two hours, 35.2°F after three hours, and 35.8°F after four hours. This Cam GoBox features a built-in condensation barrier to help the carrier remain drip free. Beveled door edges ensure the door can be easily opened and closed for quick access to the contents inside. Durable hinges and latches allow the door to open 270° and remain open securely to the side of the front loader for easy access to products. They also help keep the door securely closed during transport to eliminate spills and maintain temperature. Ergonomic handles on the outside of the pan carrier allow for easy, comfortable, and safe lifting while a built-in label area keeps plastic menu tags in place for easy content identification or routing. This Cam GoBox is inter-stackable with other GoBoxes as well as with most major EPP brands to allow for easy and convenient transportation and storage. This food pan carrier has a total capacity of 90.9 quarts and is designed to fit full size pans. It can hold two 8" deep full size pans, three 6" deep full size pans, four 4" deep full size pans, or six 2.5" deep full size pans  This Cam GoBox is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 8.6 pounds. It is the ideal, affordable solution for caterers or anyone needing to transport food or hold food for an extended period of time.

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