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  • White, round, sliced, and enriched sandwich bread
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Bunny Round Top Bread offers you delicious, nutritiously enriched round sandwich bread.

What's Round Sandwich Bread?

Bunny Round Top Bread is shaped with a round top as opposed to other types of breads that are shaped with more of a square top. Round sandwich bread is shaped with round tops so that they may better hold lunch meats that are roundly shaped. With this round sandwich bread, you won't have to worry about rounded lunch meats hanging off of the edges of your bread because the round top shape of the bread is shaped to better encompass the whole of the lunch meat.

What Does It Mean When a Bread Is Enriched?

Bunny Round Top Bread is made from refined, white flour. To produce this smoothly textured white flour, manufacturers remove the bran (outer coating) and the germ of the kernel and use the remaining endosperm (the inside of the kernel) and grind it into a fine flour. The bran and the germ of the kernel both contain a good amount of nutrients, so removing them from the kernel does result in a loss of nutrients. However, this bread is called "enriched" bread because the manufacturers later replenish the lost nutrients into the bread, thereby "enriching" the bread with those lost nutrients. Manufacturers use thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid and niacin to return healthy nutrients back into the white flour. These nutrients are complex B-vitamins that provide you with a number of health benefits, including boosted energy and metabolism levels, better cognitive functioning and alertness and improvement of nervous system health. Buying types of bread that have been enriched is important, especially if the bread is a white bread, because it means that the bread has been replenished with the healthy nutrients that were lost during the manufacturing of the refined, white flour.

Not Just a Round Sandwich Bread

Bunny Round Top Bread isn't just a round sandwich bread, you can use it for toasting and spreading on some jam or jelly; you could also use it to make a delicious batch of French toast. Like other types of bread, this bread is versatile.

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